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FitzSkye AU: Confidence Tricks

Two con artists struggle to survive. In order to get away from the police, the two ended up playing pretend couple. Along the way, they see something in each other, past their cheap tricks and fake identities.

But at the end of the day, a con artist will always be a con artist.

“That is what I thought of you. Heartless, reckless, selfish, and cruel. Beautiful, sad, wounded, and lost. A freak, a work of art, a liar, and a lover.”

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Skyefitz, flirting


The highlight of his every day is when she smiles. So, naturally, he makes it his mission that she does.

He has it all planned out. He’s even memorized the entire book of jokes that would suit her.

Then he sees her. “You look beautiful,” he says. He didn’t plan that at all, but she smiles brighter than any day before.

I guess the jokes can wait for tomorrow.


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Fitz said he could engineer cloaking, but… I’m afraid he can’t do anything. The damage to his temporal lobe was too extensive. He’s not the same and… Since Simmons left, he’s only getting worse. Simmons said she thought he’d be better without her here, but her leaving just broke him. In the months since, he’s grown isolated, talking to himself more and more…